Listen to Shaindel read four of her poems at the Oregon Poetic Voices website.


Still haven’t gotten enough?

Read these interviews, many of which were from Shaindel’s “On the Hood of a Cutlass Supreme” vitual book tour:

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Shaindel was interviewed by former Huntingdon classmate, Brandon Wallace, at Julius Speaks.

Award-winning poet Diane Lockward’s interview of Shaindel at Blogalicious.

Chella Courington, Shaindel’s former Huntingdon College professor, interviewed Shaindel at Gravity and Light.

Vince Gotera’s interview of Shaindel at The Man With the Blue Guitar.

Meg Harris, Shaindel’s classmate at Vermont College of Fine Arts, interviews Shaindel at Blue Moon Northeast.

Author Kate Evans’ interview of Shaindel at Being and Writing.